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Air Dynasty Heli services, dedicated to the safe & quality helicopter services in Nepal, provides all kind of Helicopter service in Nepal under one roof. Our fleets with comfortable seating and capacity to fly up to 23000 ft can take you anywhere you want to be in Nepal regardless of Restricted area. 

Nepal, the country of Himalayas, having Geographical obstacles with high hills and mountains, needs Helicopter services for fast, safe and reliable transport service. Not everywhere the roads have been connected or else the connected roads are either not paved or is very dangerous. On such conditions, Air Dynasty Helicopter services with its helicopter has been providing its services to people who are indeed. 

On the contrary, Trekking in Nepal could take long days/weeks to reach specific destination. Many of the destination has no options than doing the trek with your physical stamina. Air dynasty Helicopter services provides Helicopter tour to many such different destination of Himalayas. You can even explore Everest with Helicopter within 3 hours with Exclusive Everest base camp helicopter tour. 

Similarly, Air dynasty Provides Filming and photography services from helicopter. It is, in fact, almost impossible to shoot Himalayas with out helicopter if its an professional shooting. Many different recognized Studio and Tv shows has partnered with Air dynasty to shoot in the Himalayas.

The Rescue in Nepal Himalayas is the most demanded service in the history of Helicopter services. Many trekkers throughout the year gets stuck in the High altitude or remote places in Nepal. They need Immediate evacuation service. Which in context of Nepal is only possible by helicopter due to the road facilities and safety concern.  Air dynasty operates extensive numbers of Medical evacuation and Rescue to save the life of People. Air dynasty with its experienced Specialists is highly dedicated to Rescue and Evacuation in Nepal and in Saving lives of people with air ambulance service. 

Himalayan Panaroma

Its Lovely how people now can take a 3 hours tour of Everest Base Camp by helicopter. I imagine of A train riding like a roller coaster to the top of the Everest. 

sshhhhh it was cold but was the most lovely experience i had today. Just cant express my feelings

Thanks guys, thanks a lot 
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