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About Us

Air dynasty Heli service Pvt Ltd. was established in 1993. Air dynasty’s fleet includes 5 Ecureuil As350 Series Helicopters. Air dynasty is the oldest among a few operators of light helicopters and the operators of Ecureuil helicopters in private aviation in Nepal.
These helicopter are certified to fly up to 23000 ft. AMSL. Each aircraft can normally accommodate 5 adult passengers subjective of altitude and temperature at landing site. Expert key professionals managing and operating at air dynasty have extensive experience of managing aviation operation in national and international civil aviation

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Our pilots have logged extensive flight hours in flying helicopters at high altitude and mountainous terrains and under the most challenging and harsh flying conditions.

Quality policy:

  • A goal of 100% Safety.
  • Provision of highest standards of helicopter, crew and equipment for any task.
  • Provision of highest maintenance standards, procedures and practices for helicopters, its Components, accessories and equipment.
  • Provision of highest standards of operational requirements to ensure satisfactory operations.
  • Provision of an ongoing development and recurrent training for pilots and maintenance Engineers.
  • Development of safety incentives with emphasis on decision making and risk management.
  • Provision of Safety Awareness Program incorporating regular internal and external safety Audits
Air Dynasty Helicopter Team

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