Air Dynasty

Leading Helicopter Service Provider


Medevac & Rescue Flights

Air dynasty is dedicated to provide emergency evacuation and rescue service in Nepal. Furthermore, Air dynasty has been carrying out medical evacuation and rescue flights in Nepal for past 20 years, saving the lives of thousands of People.

Helicopter Tours

Air Dynasty has many helicopter tours packages with special rate for you. Air dynasty Heli service Pvt Ltd. was established in 1993. Air dynasty’s fleet includes 4 Ecureuil As350 Series Helicopters. Air dynasty is the oldest among a few operator

Filming & Photography

Air dynasty helicopter provide complete aerial cinematography services for all shooting requirements. We have extensive fleets of helicopters and pilots and ground crews. We specialize on providing aerial shooting services with our helicopter

Cargo Services

Air Dynasty Heli Services also offers cargo service for you to the various destinations of Nepal where road transportation is time consuming and hard to operate. Those places are easily accessible in short time with our helicopter services at best cost


We booked our Chartered Helicopter for Muktinath Darshan with Air dynasty. It was unimaginable and easy tour with their service. It was an amazing experience. Flying over mountains and then to muktinath darshan. It was most of all the very very wonderful sightseeing flight and spiritual journey. 

Spiritual Journey with Air dynasty

The Heli tour option was best option for us to do Muktinath Helicopter tour. We were family of five, and took this trip to Muktinath Darshan. The flight was amazing with the beautiful mountain views. And the tour is a lot time saving and easy also. Because, the road to Muktinath from Pokhara is alot trouble. 

Best Option for us

This trip was a gift to my Father and Mother for their wish to do Muktinath Darshan. We took the flight from Kathmandu to Muktinath and within 3 hours we were back to Kathmandu again. Thanks to the fast service. 

Muktinath Darshan with Air Dynasty